BSAS 2015 Mock

Did anyone sit for the BSAS 2015 mock this weekend? Thoughts on difficulty?

I am going through the AM session right now (just on my own) and I think this exam sucks. The alternatives answers in the alternatives section seem vague. The questions do too… the question about Rose’s email asks “is she correct?” while she is making multiple claims. There are others like that in the exam, too. There are also errors here and there (see the credit forward question).

I was dissapointed with this exam last year, and they disasspointed again this year for level 3. I suppose they don’t owe anyone a practice exam, but when it costs $45 (CAD at least), I exepct a solid exam.

I’m also going through the last 5 actual morning sessions of CFA exams and the Boston one does not look representative of the quality you would get.

yea i dont think it’s representative. use old schweser over this paid stuff. the one from 2014 had multiple errors as well.

i did. But I haven’t got the chance to review the answer, I thought it does not feel like CFAI mock exam at all. AM session has very long question that test your memory, not your understanding of the concepts. Very little ALM questions in my memory. But I did find many topics I had to spend more time.

I found the afternoon session much more helpful.

I hate to say it, but that test was atrocious. Multiple wrong answers in the solutions, one question had no correct answer, many “item sets” weren’t item sets at all and were just Level I style questions, and many questions were way too simple. Overall the test was far too easy, while at the same time confusing and erroneous. That’s 6 hours of my life I’m not getting back.