BSAS 2015 PM Multiple choice errors

Hey guys,

Did anyone else sit the BSAS exam this year? I think they have made a few mistakes but want to see if anyone else found the same.

QUestion 27 - they seem to have got the Yen depreciating when it actually appreciates - so answer b could also be right along-side c.

Question 39 - They get the dividend amount for next year - then to find the dividend amount for this year (for the H-model D0) they discount the amount ($10) by the return on equity (8.5%) not the growth rate (3.5%) - anyone have any idea why they might do this? They then calculate it to be the answer provided for B, but state that the right answer is A, so I don’t really have much faith in their accuracy…

Anyone find any other mistakes?

Agree on question 27, I actually came and found this thread because of this question (not helpful that they got it wrong because exchange rates can be confusing at the best of times)… haven’t got to 39 yet although on quick glance I got that wrong so will have a close look at it.

Still in the process of marking, but Q 50 on the PM I’m almost certain is wrong. They list 3 risks of PE and ask which one is least valid, then say that the answer is C, and go on to list why ALL 3 risks are valid. Wtf…

Very disappointed in this exam.