BSAS Bootcamp (Level II)

Has anyone taken the Boston Security Analyst Society Bootcamp for any level? Kind of pricey and I am wondering if anyone found it really helpful. Thanks, Mike

Do it. They’re quite good.

I took it for level 1 and have signed up for 2. It was a good refresher for some of the harder and heavier weighted topics. Several of the professors provided practice questions that helped out in the final weeks of review. I remember in particular the fixed income guy giving a packet of over 100 questions or something. It was worth it.

I also took it for L1 and despite the fact that my company has payed for Schweser’s 3day “bootcamp” the following weekend I still signed up for BSAS bootcamp. It’s a great refresher plus the notes and practice questions they provide help alot in the last couple weeks. I say its worth it. keep your fingers crossed for Billy Soo for FRA - without his notes from L1 there’s no way I would’ve got over 70 on that section.

jjekins - pls compare quality/format of schweser three day w/ BSAS if you dont mind.

I will once I take it. The BSAS bootcamp is May 7&8th and Schwesers 3day review is the following weekend May 14-16th. I only did BSAS’ bootcamp last year for Level 1.