BSAS Classes worth it?

Congrats to all those who just took the Dec07 exam. Has anyone taken the BSAS classes (Boston Security Analyst Society)? Are they worth the money? Did the instructors have a good grasp of the material and were they able to apply the concepts based on a multiple choice testing enviornment? Thanks

not sure about the classes, but the prac exam they hold is very valuable

i bought the pratice exam and thought it was a good thing… asset val was much harder w/ bsas but that was a goosd thing

No totally not worth it. Stalla would be much better. Some of the teachers were very very bad, especially economics ones. Only FSA guy, Billy Soo was OK. Stay with Stalla in the Omni Parker, they are much better. Actually, I have begun to feel that the classes are just a waste of time. Instead, use the Video CDs and virtual class room sessions. You can see them again, if you need to review. And the virtual classes keep you in pace. Personally I would not repeat BSAS ever. I might give their exam though, that was reasonable. Hope this helps.