BSAS exam

So I took this mock exam on Saturday with 30 other students, how did everyone else find this exam? Post your opinions, thanks

i did this and scored 63 and 67 respectively. ouch! the worst part is i found it very represantative of the CFAi type questions + far more realistic then schweser. i just performaed poorly! interested to hear how others went in this.

I did these on my own and scored 66% on both AM and PM but then I scored 62% on the CFAI mock exam. I’m so bummed out!

What is BSAS?

got a 62 in morning - have not finished graded evening yet - but am doing better on it - did anyone else think the ethics was cake and the FSA was killer? I have some work to do!

I got 79.8 in the morning and 80.3 in the afternoon. I actually finished an hour early in both the morning and afternoon sessions. I’m sure there was a little luck involved as there is a lot of testable material (that I suck at) which didn’t show up on the test. I’m not taking anything for granted.

Ali, $150 for the 6 hour sample exam right?

Boston Seecurity Analysts Society? CFA sample exams are pretty good, very similar to actual exams in terms of difficulty, type of questions etc.

Isura, I ended up paying only $45 as it was through the University of Calgary