Did anybody take the BSAS exam this past Saturday? I took it and I thought it was easier than the Schweser Mock exams. I got a 75% and I usually score in the mid 60s on Schweser. Is this a more accurate gauge for the real thing or did you guys find it easy too?

If it’s easier than Schweser, it’s probably not the best gauge (based on reading other comments on here). That said, 75% is pretty good / shows you have a solid foundation in the material. Best of luck!

Until about few years ago, i used to hear great things about BSAS exam and q-bank… I was thinking of writing it too, but what i’ve heard from others that in the last couple of years, they havent really put up with what they were known for- making thoughful questions that are representative of the CFA exam, that is why i didnt write this exam.