BSAS has been told 12/5 is the WSJ date

I had my charter ceremony the other night with the BSAS, and they said that CFAI told them that our names will be in the 12/5 Journal.

Nice! Has anyone confirmed with CFAi? Cheers

bump Do we have any confirmation on this?

I’ll pick up a copy in the am and let you know. Cheers!

Alas, it appears today is not the day.

It’s in mine today in Boston. The BSAS must also do a seperate one, because it’s only the BSAS members. Any other BSAS members: Section B, page 4B.

I’m in Boston, I don’t see this on page B4.

Section B (Marketplace section), page B4B. Using context clues from your username, I just found your name on the list. True story. I don’t believe I’ve ever met you (unless you were in the weekly Schweser class the last few years).

OK, I see it now, thanks! No I don’t think we’ve met, I didn’t go to any of the Schweser classes.

Does anyone know when this will run in NY?

I called CFAi-they said late Jan

thank you.