BSAS L3 Mock

Has anyone done the Level 3 BSAS mock and is it worth the money?

100% worth it.

half way through the am portion…very disappointed with it.

coolwalsky could you please specify if you are dissapointed with your score or the questions? thanks

why disappointed?

dont think this is anything like the cfa old tests in format. and pretty hard

^ don’t let it get you down maybe it’s done like that to motivate you to drive yourself harder

thanks. it was very difficult and some of the answers did not match what was in the cfa books. so not sure how relevant. doing better on schweser tests

come on, three or four tough sections/item sets doesn’t make it a tough exam. reset your expectations if you think you’ll get through the real exam without encountering questions you simply cannot answer (CFAI’s direct instructions, see level 3 exam details 3rd paragraph).

Boston typically is most realistic of any mock, IMO.

It is not that it was hard but the format was not that similar to the old AM exams that are released. The afternoon section was decent, although some errors in answers so will have to wait for errata. Overall, would have been better time spent doing more CFA old exams.

59% AM and 79% PM…so not bad. but still did not like the overall format

I have the 2012 and do not like it. When compared to the actual CFAI 2011 and 2012 AM exams - the BSAS appears more abstract and odd in the way at asks you questions and the answers it expects.

Not sure why anyone would consider a BSAS exam as better than the actual CFAI exams? There is nothing better than an actual exam that was released…

I took BSAS for Level 2 and it was awesome. I felt it was comparable to the actual exam and really helped me prepare by exposing sections I was weak in. I took the morning section of BSAS Level 3 yesterday and agree it was a lot different than what I’ve come to expect from CFAI material. For context, I’ve taken 2008,2009, 2010, mock and sample exams from CFAI. I did okay on BSAS but really felt that some of the questions were unreasonable. When I say unreasonable I mean that there was virtually no way to do the question in the alloted time. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was pointless, but with all the old exams available, i don’t think it was money or time well spent… just my two cents.

Just did the am ppart not loving it because some questions they ask are quite difficult to understand what they are looking for and the answers do not provide a good guide line to answer the questions efficiently to get full mark. Especially with calculation questions which involve a lot of calculations but only worth few marks.