Hi All, Has anyone taken the BSAS LII prepatory course? I wanted to get an idea of when it starts, what days it is and how much it costs. Also, how it compares to Schweser and some of the other independent courses such as John Harris’ accounting workshops and what not. Thanks for all the help. BCH

I would also be interested

L1 on their website looks like $1300-1400 for the course, includes some materials, practice tests, etc. I’m sure L2 would be similar, think courses usually start like late Jan right around when the Dec testers find out pass/fail and go usually to a week or 2 before the test. I’ve never taken BSAS course. Their practice test that they sell I thought was outstanding for L1, decent for L2 but not as solid. Seems like if you wanted to take a course, the schweser course might be cheaper b/c you get the whole package with qbank, books, etc. I took the L1 schweser course and wasn’t a huge fan. I think if you have drive, those hours can be used more effectively studying what you particularly need to focus on. If your work is paying or something and you can do it, sure, can’t hurt. John Harris is amazing. Best of all prep classes I think. But it’s only FSA, not including corp fi. Still a huge chunk of the test and if I could buy any course, that’d be my suggestion to you. Best course I think is free… it’s this forum. People here are awesome with questions and conceptual things. Not sure when you plan to start also, but if you wanted to do a once a week or something live session, I might be down. Let’s go RED SOX!

what a bunch of losers , cant you guys do self study and pass this test?

My work pays for some stuff, not sure if I will be able to swing the BSAS course maybe the John Harris. Now that I think about it, my work schedule is pretty volatile so a structured classroom time frame might not make complete sense to me. I took the BSAS LI bootcamp and absolutely loved it. The instructors were great and the three practice exams were exactly like the CFA exam; as you mentioned. I did really well in FSA in LI as I had a strong background in that material. However, I have little exposure to to LII FSA beside a few chapters in college. I think I will study FSA first and then see how I feel before signing up for JH’s class in January. I plan on starting to study in mid-october after having a few weeks of football in me and seeing where the sox end up in the playoffs. I should also have the schweser material at that time. bannisja, I would definitely be interested in once a week live seesion one a saturday afternoon, sunday evening or even a weeknight…

Re: BSAS LII Course new Posted by: CFA_Werewolf (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: August 28, 2008 09:21AM what a bunch of losers , cant you guys do self study and pass this test? equity_research_nds ^ are you hot? if not, wondering why someone senior would’ve gone there. i’m kinda picturing michael j fox teen wolf and it’s not doing much for me. i bet you do a lot of “self study” hotshot?

and BCH- that sounds good. we’ll touch base around Oct and set a time and try to stick to it. you a yankees fan too werewolf? sorry to end your season this week.

sounds good bannis… hit me up anytime bcollarhero at yahoo

I did the BSAS classes for both Level 1 and 2. The classes run weekly from Jan to May. Each class runs 2.5 - 3.0 hours depending on the subject. If you study the material before each class, the class does a good job of filling in the blanks of what you totally don’t understand. Also, the teacher for FSA, Billy Soo, is fanastic. He does a great job of teaching some pretty complex material. I highly recommend the program.