BSAS Live Mock

Has anyone taken it before and, if so, how was it?

Took it for Level I and Level II. Also for Level II, I signed up for the online test bank (essentially, the 3 years of prior mocks). Was not a big fan of it – thought it lacked depth and was riddled with errors.

last year i took the mock for level II. it had an item set on pension with a few tricky questions which i have never seen before during review and got wrong. And on the actual exam, there was one item set on pension that had the same questions with different numbers. I aced that item set.

With BSAS, there are tons of errors with the mock exams themselves last year

So it sounds like it may be worthwhile. Just don’t want to go in there and feel like I wasted a day.

There may be some errors but overall their questions are excellent

Cool, thanks.