BSAS Mock exam - honest scores compilation

Since BSAS mock took place yesterday, I thought it would be helpful if we determined an average score to help each of us know where we stand. Please, report your honest score, whether good or bad, so we all have an unbiased average figure to compare against. No self-reporting bias (report all scores even if low). I’ll start: 65% total score I felt confident leaving the mock exam, but was knocked down after grading. Thought I should have scored better. Exam was sometimes poorly written, but thought it was overall a fair and helpful practice run.

How did you grade the morning exam because they didn’t give me a breakdown of the points?? I made a couple of silly mistakes but overall thought it was a fair exam. Morning = 62% (estimated…) Afternoon = 62% total = 62%

Did anyone else feel like they wasted money? There was no detailed answer key to the ethics portion of the exam (question 7-12) Did anyone else think there was typos on that portion? My answer key was telling me that all the answers are A’s and I am like 99% sure that some of those answers were messed up. And in the second last item set I’m pretty sure that entire chunks of information were missing since the question kept referring to some phantom hedges the vignette never mentions… But anyways I got 69% on the written and somewhere between 50%-68% on the MC (depending if you are taking their right answers on face value)


Trying it this coming Saturday. Do they let you take PM exam right after the AM session ends, so you don’t have to hang around 1.5 lunch hour?

Agreed on the ethics questions - I got a ton wrong too and was not happy that there was no explanation for the answers.

bump… anyone else?

I’m afraid to grade my AM portion - PM - 65% . This exam has completely left me deflated (as opposed to the Schweser’s Exam 1) which HAD given me a good feeling about passing in June.

Took the exam yesterday and scored barely above 50% in the PM. I got an honest 1/2 correct in the AM plus probably 1/3rd or so partial credit. Tough to guess. Either way, I thought the exam had too many errors and questionable questions - and I loved in the ethics section they fail to provide (detailed) answers. I’m still trying to figure out how they got the swap calculation since they provide the correct calculation yet come to the incorrect conclusion - even though they give the right calc. I’m tossing this POS and am disappointed in the BSAS verse prior years’ L1 and L2 exams. I thought they were much better. Sorry to rant, I’m just disgusted I spent a day on this when I could have taken a Schweser exam.

90% and 85% in 2011 and 2010 mock anyone knows whether it is simpler than real test?

Advice to those who haven’t tried this exam - SKIP IT. I thought it was a waste of $100. Completely wrong answers or topics tested which are no longer covered. Vague answers. Additionally, I thought that the fixed income section was incredibly difficult. Scored 73% in the AM and after encountering sooo many issues gave up on scoring PM. I have a list of questions which I think were wrong or poorly worded or not covered at all anymore: Q 25 VAR IS computationally challenging for large corp. Q 35 Which index is Inv Mgr’s index? Q 36 (you are supposed to square risk measures and then take the square root) Q 41 Not covered anymore Q 44 response A and C are exactly the same Anyone else?