BSAS Mock today?

Didn’t a bunch of people take it today? How did you do?

I can muster the following: a. YIKES! b. What the hell did I “study” over the past couple months?! It was a real wake-up call to get adjusted to the vignettes in L2. I did really well in Ethics and Quant but the sheer amount of info they give you for the rest of the sections freaked me out to the point that I forgot formulas I needed to use. My advice (as other fellow AFers have discovered already), do as many vignettes as possible – the more the amount of data in the vignette the better because you have to get used to digesting a whole load of it for the 6 questions they throw at you per reading.

Your scores? I’m writing tomorrow…

68 in am and 77 in pm = 73 overall

not bad! Good job with three weeks to go. I’d be extremely happy with that score…

Thanks, although when I review the exam, often I can not remember how I did certain questions, and when I do them again I get them wrong. It makes me think at this point my score will come down to the frame of mind I’m in on exam day and whether or not I’m “in the zone”. I probably have enough knowledge to pass at this point; its accessing that knowledge that will be the trick.

Nice work Smarshy; I went 68 morning session and 70 afternoon session. I’m pleased with those as I didn’t really have a chance to review FSA (did it 2 months ago)…I went 3/12 in the afternoon session, which tanked my score…otherwise I would have rocked the afternnon exam.