BSAS Online QBank

What are your thoughts on BSAS Online Qbank . I have Schweser qbank but i don’t have time to go through 4000+ questions . Just finished schweser notes and I have ethics to go . I don’t have enough time i think :slight_smile: to go through schweser qbank . I am looking for some qbank with less number of questions which covers all the LOS. Please advise if you has used BSAS Qbank (it has only 700 questions). thanks for your help

yeah don’t bother with q-bank. Q-bank is only good if you use it as a concept checker, the level of qbank is a bit suspect. I suggest you dive right into some practice exams. start with the 3 schweser book 6 exams and then move on to the 5 cfai exams. That will be plenty.

What if one does not have book 6 or any schweser books? I have the CFAI books and Schweser Qbank. Would you advise purchasing the BSAS question bank or sticking with the QBank?

It would be nice if you can, but no big deal if you don’t want to, do take full length tests from Qbank though, I found a full day test to be a completely different animal.

I was thinking of getting it, but it turned out that their 2007 Qbank consists of BSAS past practice exams for 2004, 2005 and 2006. Didn’t think it was worth it, considering how much the material changes year-over-year.

delhirocks thanks for your inputs . What do u mean by full length test from Qbank . Shall I create 120 question test from Schweser Qbank selecting all LOS or are you refering to book 6 here/online practice tests from schweser .

the former…120 questions all LOS and try and do those in 3 hours.