BSAS Online Test Bank

Has anyone used the Boston Security Analyst Society Online test bank?? It was an absolute horror show. I scored a 33% and it is impossible to really narrow it down even if im positive that a few are correct The questions give you four statements and ask which ones are correct: Im pretty freaked out now. a 1 b 1 2 c 1 2 3 d 1 2 3 4

I used the BSAS mock exams that came with the bootcamp, took the morning session of the 2007 exam, got a score lower than my CFAI and Schweser exams…however pretty solid questions though…I have heard really good things about them from people who have used them for all the three levels…

I found the FSA section on BSAS to be way harder than Schweser. It emphasized deferred taxes and capitalized leases and other hard stuff. I found Asset Valuation to be easier.