BSAS scores

Hi, Just took BSAS morning and afternoon, 73% on both sections. Got killed by Ethics and PM. I recommend it as the wording is better than Schweser, and difficulty seems average (compared to Book 7 1AM where I scored a neat 61% this week). Any comment from those who took it

I thought a couple of the questions were a bit…off, but otherwise it was a pretty good representation of what the exam might be like. In the morning section, I thought the All Current/Temporal questions, at least the first couple, were a bit harder than the section is likely to be.

I liked it. I also got a 73, (68 in am and 76 in pm.) I thought it was much more straightforward that suckser (I mean schweser)

I completely failed BSAS last week. 62% or so. Quite disappointing as I felt I was quite prepared.

I just took the AM one and scored 40/54. I dont want to count PM as I scored 0/6. I think 67% is not bad for now as we still have 10 more days.

Just finished the PM section and phew…It was tough …very similar to Book 7 exam. Scored in late 50s. Average is 63%. I dont think I have a chance to clear this exam. Caspian, what was your score? Does the PM one resemble the actual exam?