bsas worth the dough

Hey guys. is it worth it? i’m already doing all the cfa online stuff. still have all of book 7 (except 1/2 of a test) and 1 book6 left. is the bsas worth the additional 150? i’m leaning toward doing it.


hey mcpass. thanks for the frank response. maybe i’ll do the book 7 exams first…

Are they any good? I keep on hearing that they have no resemblance with the real thing.

you know… earlier on i was hearing that they were different this year and closer to the difficulty of book 6 exams and even saw some scores in the 80’s. then i took the first one and, i think i hit a 66 or a 63 (it was a while ago). but it FELT a lot worst than that. so i’m not sure they’ve changed much… but i don’t know what you thought of book 7 in level 1, i thought they were horrendous. i stopped doing them altogether. I think these this year are at least a tiny bit better than those. so if you have them, i’d use them. but i probably would not buy them separately. but if you’re out of tests, i do think they are worth using for the extra practice. even if it’s in an untimed, vignette by vignette way, instead of test conditions.

I respectfully disagree with mcpass. I thought the BSAS was very good.

It was. Just very expensive.

is the bsas exam a pdf download? or is it shipped to you? THanks.

pdf download


i actually paid it at a discount because i took it live at the local cfa association, and i have to say it was good, but heavily weighted on equity and not very much on pm at all…

it was bullshit. also, it was in temple or winter street, so to get there, you have to spend a lot just to park. also, everyone there is a dork. finally, it’s a WASTE WASTE WASTE.