just took the am # 1-60 pm destroyed me… i really need to review that… anyone else get rocked in pm? i went 2/6, not good at all…

yeah I got rocked too.

I was a rock star going in to the Port Man section in the a.m. I got every question wrong. Turned my 77% into a 68%. NOT GOOD

Ok, so I got a 68 in the a.m. and a 78 in the pm, which gives me a 73% on the test. Interestingly, (or not) those are exactly the same scores I got on the BSAS level I exam, and on the real exam I got all sections >70 except FI. To say I am pleased with this development is an understatement of epic proportions. If I can get my head around FCRP and all that crap, I might actually pass this beotch…

Smarshy, Your scores are good. You seem ready to go. Keep it up.

Okay - so how does one purchase this bsas exam? I went to the website and found scant information about how to get a hold of it.

Thank you…

What are the answer explanations like? Do they reference LOS #s? Just the correct letter answer? I’m thinking of taking it on Saturday. Thanks.

In most they give LOS # and a brief explanation, on others just the LOS #

Is the BSAS worth the $

in my experience, yes. Best practice exam I every took. And harder than the real one, so if you can pass it, it’s a good sign.