do they offer a pratice exam book for level2? i purchased the L1 pratice exam book last yr and thought it was very good. does anyone know if the offer such a product for L2>?

They do and from what I understand, it’s quite good. Haven’t seen it myself yet, though.

you can purchase a practice exam for L2…is it in a book? If you’re in their weekly class, you get access on-line to all their “practice exams” … they are pretty good, but if I had to choose, I’d do the CFAI practice exams first.

Every year the BSAS has a practice exam held in Boston under exam conditions. If you can’t sit for the exam, you can purchase a copy of the exam booklet along with the answer key. They mail them out just before their mock exam, sometime in May.

This exam was available from my local CFA chapter at a discount, and may also be available at you own, give them a shout/email