Ok, after doing some due diligence on this guys history, he’s a trust fund brat coked up to his eyeballs 90% of the time, with a crook for a father. Verdict: Tool.

Apparently he used daddys money and reputation (before he went to prison) to get in on poker games with stupid biliionaires and would take them to the cleaners. He even admits to not being a great player.

One of my bosses had a pornstar girlfriend. Every once in a while I run across a photo of her online and I think “So that’s what Jerry (not his real name) has been tasting.”

I get the novelty factor, and the ability to drop the info in a conversation to make jaws drop, and perhaps the idea that they may be more open than the standard woman to things like trapeze sex in oiled latex, but other than that, I’m not sure why it’s so great to have a pornstar for a girlfriend. In terms of looks, you can glam up many women with makeup and hair and a nice French maid outfit with garters and heels and she’ll be getting your pulse pounding just as well.

Who cares.

can anyone beat this story?


Dan Bilzerian2 hrs ·

This is the letter my attorney/head of security wrote to the Porn stars attorney lmao

hatres gonna hate

I can attest, although on a far far smaller scale, that his statement on poker becomes true for most people. You get to a point where it’s not about the money, its about the rush and need to constantly play in higher stakes. If you win, unless it’s grand, it doesnt mean shit. Conversely, if you lose, you feel like a bum for the lost cash and the wasted time.

As for his women, i think he is an andrenoline junkie and probably has a hard time getting satisfaction from normal encounters.

not random

And if you know a bit about poker you’d know the statement where he’s won 50 million this year is most probably complete BS. Does Phil Ivey even have lifetime winnings worth that much?

Guy sounds like he’s banging some smoking women, good on him but there are a lot of clues there that he’s a fraud.

'I don’t like playing with Tobey Maguire because he doesn’t gamble and he’s a pussy’

Erm, that’s because you’re not gambling, you’re playing poker and TAG players are the easiest to take money off

Pornstars are pretty cheap actually, from what I have heard you get a AAA pornstar for as low as 3000$/h.

HATERS gonna hate but igor will always be a MF fool.

Neither BSD nor tool…Igor is a MF Fool.

My thoughts exactly when i read that figure. Lifetime earnings usually just include tourny cashes but i highly doubt he has netted 50mm in cash games.

The viagra story was pretty funny. I never understood why, if you’re not in the mood for sex, you force your body.

The girl is a skank; he is banging her and other skanks like her. Big deal. Easy call: Tool of the highest order.