this guy is living the dream IMO

I just read his wiki. BSD.

From only reading from the link above, I’d say Tool.

Is that even a question?

The guy is disgusting.

here is his fbook page…

he already had 2 heart attacks, he is prob going all out?

Where did that idiot learn how to throw someone?

FT talks about the top 10% all the time, this guy is one of them. Thumbs up, he is a bsd

You can’t be serious!

What are the chances that he will die from heart attack while having sex with porn stars? This is every male person’s dream.

I saw his Instagram a while back, I don’t think the guy is that bad, he has a nice stack of money and is having fun with it. For all the playboy comments and him playing up to getting so much pussy, there’s this one girl that is in 80% of his pictures that is clearly at least his main squeeze. He’s just a modern day wannabe Hugh Hefner.

that video was a bit rough though. Hard to tell if that creaking sound near the end was her bones breaking or his t shirt being ripped.

Read the notes below the video. She BROKE her foot falling. Lucky, only the foot - a little more to the left and who knows.

Guy is a psycho! PSYCHO!

BSD…seems like a funny guy and has a harem of smokin’ hot babes.

I don’t really get it. Money without class never appealed to me.

He is a pussy. Who throws a girl off a roof? Jump yourself, pussy.

I’d rather be a pu$$y living Hugh Hefner’s life then be a bad a$$ Evil Knievel wannabe.

This guy has access to do many pornstars, he doesn’t know what to do with all of them so has to throw some off a roof. I wish I had that problem.

^lmao. def better than midget tossing

Im still kinda new but here is my list of AF BSDs in no particular order.

Numi, BGAC, CFAvMBA, RR, Higgmond.

^ I hope you don’t mean Raul Roy, LMAO

In reply to Numi: As if it’s that difficult to get a porn star…and why would anyone really want to be with one?