BT, Schweser or other

I am a CFA Charterholder and sat for November FRM Level 1 exam. I felt the exam was much more difficult then implied by study materials, questions and practice exams from Schweser. I likely did not pass the exam and was wondering if people had recommendations. BT? Is that Bionic Turtle?

Negatives of Schweser materials - they crammed the bulk of information over last few weeks , practice questions were very general, PV/FV material was constantly emphasizing continuously compounded versions and real exam was mostly frequency dependent, scored > 70% on practice exams. I had an advantage going into this exam as much of the material overlaps CFA, however presented in a different way. Anyway, I want to dominate this exam next time around.

Any recommendations on study materials?

I used Schweser too and found it to be totally insufficient for the real exam. Lets wait for the results and hope for the best. Good luck

Wait until you get the exam back before you give up hope. I found FRM1 to be maybe the most difficult exam I’d ever written, and feared that I’d failed. But it turned out that I actually scored top quartile in every section. Do I feel that Shwesser prepared me for absolutely everything in that gruelling exam? No, I do not. However, I was clearly much more prepared than the vast majority of candidates, which is the important thing. I think anyone that uses third-party study materials for FRM preparation has a huge advantage over other candidates, because the official GARP readings are sooo long and academic.

What third-party study materials do you recommend?

If you are going to rely on third-party study materials, I recommend Bionic Turtle. BT is affordable ($249), has great videos, has a very active and supportive forum, and most importantly has high-quality sample questions. You will have to print their notes because they don’t provide hard copies, though. Good luck!

Did you pass Level 1?