BT vs Schweser for FRM 1

Hi All,

I have been browsing through the forum to compare the notes from BT and Schweser but couldn’t arrive at a conclusive answer.

Could you please assist me with the following queries?

  1. Should I buy Schweser or BT or any other third party material?

  2. If I have to use combination of schewer and BT then could any one pick out the specific areas to concentrate from schweser and BT? (Ex: Videos from BT or Qbank from BT and notes from schweser)

Thanks in advance!

I use both BT and Schweser.

BT notes are not good, I stopped using them. They’re not really notes, they’re more like supplements. I’ve read that they’re much better if you watch the videos along with them. I can’t comment on the videos since I didn’t watch them.

BT questions are much harder than Schweser concept checkers and this is a good thing in my opinion. There are also a tons of them.

BT has very good forums so that’s a plus.

The best combination for me is : I use Schweser notes and BT questions.

Totally agree that BT Notes are not good. Schweser ones are not as high quality as the CFA Notes by Schweser, but doable.

BT Videos, Practice Ques and forum are superb.

Suggest you go for a combination of BT Videos, Practice ques and forum (Tier2) and also Schweser Notes. Supplement with core reading topic wise if reqd - you may not require it though if your basics and understanding are decent.

Thank you both. That really helps :slight_smile: