Bucharest Romania?

any one from Bucharest Romania?

Sorry mate. It seems that there are only a few of us from the Central/Eastern Europe here. Although, I saw a screen name here that looks Romanian - Florin or something. Cheers neighbor

As far as I remember, Florin was not back home, he was in Canada. There was also someone neagu.alexandru, last time i heard from him he was in Bucharest and he cleared L1 back in December. There’s me, but I’m in Chicago at this time. Some others must be here too, perhaps you’d be better served if you go to the Hook up section of the forum (perhaps there’s where this thread is going to end up anyway).

hi, i’m also from ro. also florin, just written differently.

I am in northern europe, but I love eastern europe, does that count? Just got back from holidays around there

There’s a few of us in DC.

I am in DC as well.

Hi, I am also from Romania, Bucharest. Passed L1 in December 2008. Thinking to take L2 in June 2010. email: alegrim7@yahoo.com

I am in Germany, which according to the CIA is central Europe.

Viceroy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I am in Germany, which according to the CIA is > central Europe. That’s because they cannot point the finger at Germany on the world map.

one here!

I’m in Bucharest, Romania. You can search on Google groups cfaromania and request membership.