Buckingham Research Group?

Buckingham had a strong buy on Bear Stearns all last year. In December they had a $160/share target. They lowered them to neutral this morning. Ever so diligant. One step ahead… sticking to their guns. --------------- Buckingham Research Group is a New York based, employee owned, independent equity research boutique that has provided the investment community with detailed fundamental analysis for over 20 years. Buckingham places heavy emphasis on uncovering value by focusing on “well managed” companies that possess strong underlying assets, cash flow, or business franchises. The firm covers approximately 225 stocks utilizing this classic fundamental approach, and complements the financial analysis with independent channel checks. Buckingham rates individual stocks on a BUY (which may be expressed as Strong Buy or Accumulate), HOLD (Neutral), and SELL (Underperform) scale over a 6 to 12 month time horizon. Strong Buy and Accumulate rated stocks are expected to increase by at least 25% and 15%, respectively, over that time frame. Neutral ratings are applied when a stock is fairly valued and positions may be reduced. Underperform applies when there appears to be more downside risk than potential reward at the current market price of a stock. Ratings variations are further explained in the body of Buckingham’s reports.


I think ppl focus to much on the SS recommnedation. I will defend SS research, and say that over the years they have provided me invaluable information and indepth work that I would not have had the time to do on specific names. Yes the recommendation scale is convoluted but that should not take anything aways from the vast amount of info that is provided. I honestly feel that (at least in tech/telco) some of these independent boutique provide some of the best research period.

They focus mostly on retail (clothing). I’m sure they don’t know their head from their ass with regards to financial stocks.

Or it could be that their head is so far up their own ass that the little bump on the neck is really their nose.

Or it could be that analyst screw up all the time, and this is irrelevant.