Bud Light Presents - II

Bud Light Presents: Real Men of Genius (Real men of genius) Today we salute you, Mr. Qbank Question Writer. (Mr. Qbank Question Writer) You’ve given all Level II candidates 3853 chances to get annoyed with minutia and obscure calculations. At your desk, in a sweater-vest, stroking your beard, and writing with painstaking detail. It is a thankless job for sure. (This job is thankless!) Without you there could be no relentless repetition. You sell headaches direct, and if your pay was justly tied to candidate tears, you could lend money to the Fed. (Thank you for shopping Qbank!) You rest easy each night knowing your customers are sitting at their glowing monitors, patiently waiting for your brief approval. Hardened by years of rejection – you casually reply: “Your answer: C was incorrect. The correct answer was A.” (Your answer was incorrect!) Second order autoregressive models – Give me 20 questions. Translate a subsidiaries balance sheet – Give me 40 questions. And if it’s TB, well don’t worry cause they can’t possibly ask about that again. (Screw Treynor Black!) So crack open an ice-cold Bud Light, Mr. Qbank Question Writer, because you toil long and hard and you know 194 different ways to ask a pension question. We curse you. But still, we kneel at your database alter and request you judge our readiness. Bravo professor, bravo. (Mr. Qbank Question Wriii-ter)

Hail Mr. Shakespeare

Holy f*cking awesome dude!

slouiscar strikes again!


funniest thing I have read in a long time.

The lines in parenthesis really make it. I can hear that ridiculous guy saying those things in the background.

genius. Bravo, sir.

Looks like I’m going to have to step it up. That was hilarious.

pricelesss :slight_smile:

I hated to fall back on the Bud Lite presents joke, but I couldn’t resist. I had heard the foot-long-hot-dog-guy commercial in the car this morning and it made me laugh pretty hard.

hahahahaha too funny

hahahahaha… hilarious… The bracketed verbiage is still echoing onto my eardrums’

This is absolutely brilliant…hands down the best post I have ever read on the forum…and spoken from a true St. Louisan! Thank you for making my day! :slight_smile:

tooooo funny …

Sickkkkkk! Thanks for livening up the L2 board. I’m glad someone out there is creative enough to come up with something like that, I am certainly not.

I’m always tucked way in my basement studying and using the QBank and its good to know that there’s people out there (above ground leve)l going through what I’m going through. Awesome post!


hhhhhaaaa i spent most of the hours today working on the question bank to find this posting!!!

this post is yet more evidence that AF needs a classics board or hall of fame for posts.