Building up a L2 arsenal: mocks, qbank, notes etc. What is best?

I am fresh off a L1 pass (yesterday). I have had a pleasant surprise with the Schweser FlipNotes, which I got through head start, but I thought their QBank for L1 was inadequate (I was floored by the CFAI mock and sample tests, and the actual test itself - though in the end, it must have done something right).

I am looking to attack a full QBank (can be Schweser again, as it has features, and because it has got several thousands and I like their format, though not their level of difficulty). Are there superior choices? Elan? Other?

I am not relying on one CFAI mock this time, no way no how. I am looking for a solid, CFAI-comparable mock set, though do not want to pay the farm for it (paying all myself). Schweser I assume is easier than CFAI, Elan I have heard are excellent. Any others?

I like the Schweser flipnotes so far. But, I have about 10 days worth of experience with them. Any better ones out there?

Finally, asked this elsewhere in this forum, but I will repeat as OP: can I really afford to skip brute-force reading all six books and just rely on FlipNotes for most of the subject matter?

Any advice on above, as well as structure of attack would be welcome. I would have been a band 11 fail if it existed, as I did not put enough work on it until the last month and a half (in which I graduated to spending 2 hours a day on qBank - previously read all six books, but very weak retention as it turned out).

Honestly, you probably need to read all 6 books in excruciating detail - schweser/study materials aren’t really sufficient. Qbank is not a reliable source - good for practice but nothing like the exam. The Boston security analyst society website has practice exams on there that were really good for L2.

Thx for the info stunnerrunner! Will check it out :slight_smile:

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as i am pleased with their notes

I just registered for June L2 exam and ordered both soft and hard curriculum. I have arrived at the conclusion that I need the following non-CFAI resources: (1) Question Bank, (2) Mock Exams and (3) Notes. Is there a guide on the web, or can anyone that has tried most of what is out there lend some insight into which vendor(s) offer the absolute best from each resource type?

(1) I have experience with Schweser Question Bank, and though I find their questions easy, I love their online setup and organization. Can I expect similar level for FinQuiz, Elan or other?

(2) I also tried their first FlipBook through L2 headstart and while I am not blown away, I can see how it takes me through a lot in a little time. Are there any other vendors that beat them?

(3) Finally, I have not tried any Mock exams at all, except for the one that came free from CFAI (L1). Which vendor out there has mocks that come closest to CFAI in terms of toughness? Given that I want to do two mocks per week starting on April 1, I have calculated that I need 14 mocks total (for every Sat and Sun). Therefore, I am likely to try more than one vendor, as several of them appear to offer no more than a set of 3 or 4.

Your thoughts would be very appreciated.


I wonder if that’d be a violation of I(IV)?

I wonder why Schwesser charges $299 for their Qbank, yet charges just as much for two Practice Test sets. Aren’t their questions supposedly uniformly difficult/easy?

I am setting on purchassing Schweser Essential Study package, which leaves me to buy Mocks elsewhere.

Well, i have had a 180. Not at all sure of going with Schwesser with the Qbank (key component) as I have read that it is not worth at this level (difficulty just not there). Elan is now at the forefront (don’t have ethics, but I can do without it). Anyone has experiebce with Elan Q-bank? Is it as easy to use as Schwesser (UI)? It is cheaper too.

My tools of study are the following:

Schweser: Notes + QBank (don’t intend on using these though) + 6 Practice exams

Elan: Videos

Finquiz: QBank (they have a lot of item set style questions).

clever u not studying from cfa book for any subjects