"Bullcrap" you used as filler just to write something.....

Ok, now that it’s done, i’m going to have some fun with this. I dont want to piss off any graders, but i would hate to leave a question totally blank in case i could get even 1 mark. So time was wrapping up in the morning exam, and I left the cash and carry question blank ( i think it had 3 parts). I totally missed this in studying my stuff, so whatever. But the first part said “2 components” and with 3 minutes left i decided to jot down: - Lease rate -Carrying costs hahahaha, the grader is going to think i’m retarded. I should have just left it blank!

I put risk free rate and forward rate…lollll


lol i put sell spot buy future

Actually, i put RF rate and Forward price… Ponpon

Last thing I wrote on the AM exam is “I LOVE YOU ALL!” I wrote this when I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get the number of 100,000 yen contracts to go into some x trillion Yen. Normally an easy question, but I was just too frazzled by that time. I really wish I had put more jokes in… “What’s wrong with this allocation… the cat didn’t get a fair inheritance!” kind of thing. If you can’t get the right answer, at least get the grader to laugh.

why resampled efficient frontier is better than traditional 1) risk characteristics are better matched because you choose a sample of securities with similar risk characteristics does that make sense at all

When you get your Charter, tank, you should make up stray multiple choice answers. That sounds great! Either that, or develop technologies for use in Star Trek, Voyager. :wink:

The Jones will not be able to retire early due to their increased cost of living. I sugggest that they extend their working time to 80 years old, where they can then enjoy 3-5 years of their retirement.