Bullish or Market Manipulation

Hey guys,
I wanted to get a concrete answer on what the threshold is between being extremely bullish or contributing to market manipulation (assuming you have the means)?

say what? whats the question. you mean am i bullish or bearish?

Meaning what is the difference between being

  1. Extremely bearish and (obviously it is a bit stupid) overpaying for a stock let’s say actual cost is $98 and you put in a $103 bid and it executes.
  2. Inflating the price by overpaying let’s say $125 for a stock currently valued at $98, increasing the price (making it jump) again assuming you have the ability and means to actually do so?

if you have a small volume. it’ll just execute at the market price lower than your bid. but if you have a large volume, it’ll buy up everything at market price until it hits your bid. usually hte higher price will alert people to sell to you,which will bring up enoguh volume to fulfill order?
anyways i aint big enough, so normally i put limit price at 0.3% below current price nad pray it executes for the day. if not repeat again at tomorrow’s current price when i decide to make the trade. lol