Burger King

Is this a fuggin joke? A 33 year old CEO and 28 year old CFO!? Time to short this sht.


Burger King’s 33-year-old CEO has helped engineer a total restructuring of the burger chain in just 13 months on the job.

After surrounding himself with an equally young management team — including a 28-year-old chief financial officer — Daniel Schwartz has helped turn the struggling burger chain into a “cash machine,” Devin Leonard writes for Bloomberg Businessweek’s newest cover story.

“These days … Burger King is behaving more like a startup than a typical burger chain,” Leonard writes.

I saw this too. 33 year old CEO changing BK. Interesting. If he was really smart, he’d bring back the fries they had in the 90’s.

when i was in ny few years back i stopped at bk to get a quick dinner after work, i got the chicken sandwich (healthier) when i bit into it i realized it was raw, never again eating at bk

CvM, how does a BSD like yourself even end up on yahoo finance pages?!

They are renovating most of their stores and then jacking up the prices. Stopped going there when their FiDi store started charging me $8 for the same meal that cost $6 before they renovated.

For $8 I’ll go to fking Chipotle.

^ Pay attention to the wisdom/wizdum of crowds. The retail idiots read yahoo finance and trade on that news. Behavioral finance 101.


Guy has done well for himself tbh…

Appointed by one of the best PE firms in the world, and only 28 years old. Everybdoy should hacksaw themselves.

Interesting article on retail investors in The Economist last month. Seems they kick the shit out of the pros in predicting downturns.