Burn out anyone?

Anyone burned out yet? I’m at a point where i am confident (70s-80s on mock exams) and get sickend at the thought of studying. Having said that, i am an over achiever (i assume most you are too) and cannot let me self go a day without 4+ hours of study (6+ on weekends). Given this, i would actually volunteer to take the test early before i work myself into the grave. anyone with me?

Wouldn’t be up for taking it yet since I’m looking to review one more section and then I just always find something that I didn’t know when I go and reread these chapters. Will be taking the Thursday before off, that’s it. Congrats on where you’re at

I feel you mate…I’m exactly where you at…I wish i could take the test tomorrow and get this whole thing over with…If i have to memorize tax formulas one more time, i think i’ll break something

Congrats on getting to where you are! You are in good shape for the exam, stay strong!

Well I finished too early too and actually I don’t feel good right now because most of the stuff tricks I forgot by now. Specially the concentrated asset chapter in individual and some boring stuff in alternative investment not to mention GIPS. I was much better two weeks ago and now I have no choice other than re-read schwezer notes all again as a last solution.

I wanted to take the test a month ago

Congrats on your luxury problem, dude.

If I was to pass the test tomorrow, I certainly would fail.

Right there with you. I am way ahead of where I was last year. I’m scoring 80%+ on PM practice exams and 70+ on AM Exams, something I have NEVER done at any level.

I’m also taking next week off, which I have never done. I’ll be hoping to get 5+ hours in M-Th and then take Friday off to relax (as much as I can with 6 week old twins in the house).

Having a hard time finding things to focus on. Mostly just doing lots of practice problems and reviewing notecards at this stage.