Burn out!

Anyone else, suffering from this? I sat down to a 120 question session from one of the books,struggling through after about 40 questions, I realised I couldn’t face the next 80 just now,I had to abort for the moment… head is so full of short term useful information and jumping between HPR & Herfindahl I just couldn’t think clearly. Not ideal with less than a month to the big day!

Take a few days off.

that happended to me towards the end in june (failed, band 10) But I kept on hammering away when my mind said stop and I think it hurt me. I would suggest taking a few days off.

Tks guys…I will tone it down a bit, still time to win the race. beingthatguy, I assume you are retaking in December…any other tips on how to tackle the last few weeks, from you experience last time,cheers

Being so close and failing crushed me to be honest. But, my advice is to stick with the CFA material and do ALL CFA questions because that will give you the best idea of what the Q’s will be like on the exam. I was so used to schweser Q’s when I saw the mock (about 2 weeks out) I bombed it cause I couldn’t figure out what they wanted. Some of the questions I found unclear what they wanted. Schweser is good to keep all the material fresh but def. stick to the CFA Q’s on samples/mocks because they reflect the most important concepts. I did that and I was only scoring in the low 70’s on the samples and 60s on the mocks in June But now I scored 86, 84, and 78 on the samples and retaking a mock tomorrow Best of Luck.

Tks, for the advice, I have done 1 CFA sample (a shock), will do another next week then hit their mocks…it sounds like you have nailed it now…best of luck on the day!

I recon the CFA institute should reconsider the amount of time they advice candidates to study for, i think its unfair that they recommend 6 months, this is just way to short for the amount of material that one has to cover and (MASTER), the pass rate say’s it all…but then again they probably do it for a reason.

Thats probably something to do with the temporary burn out,I started in September…I have to say I really didn’t know what I was letting myself in for…having previously taken series 7, 63, Uk FSA & Inv mgt certificate…I thought CFA might be twice the work…didn’t figure on 10X !!! I did finish the rest of the questions on the paper from earlier, i would have disappointed myself too much not to,light reading and formula refreshing for tomorrow, before hitting it hard again.