Burning out

Anyone here starting to burn out? Ive through everything but SS 9-10, and am starting to burn out. I think I need a break…

Coffee is for closers… get back to work

take 2 or 3 days off. you’ll feel a difference when you start back up again

Isn’t this February? You can take a long break…

“Isn’t this February? You can take a long break…” Agreed, if you’re that far along, take 2 weeks off.

Before you hit SS 9 and 10 – which most people agree are among the toughest in FSA – I would suggest you probably stick to hitting the QBank for all sessions covered thus far. Make that one of your break strategies. Do not keep away from your material completely. You will find that this would help you retain much more, and when you come back, you will both be refreshed as well as not be thinking that you have forgotten everything, which will end up putting less pressure on you. Another suggestion would be, now would be a good time to hit the Ethics v9 from the website, and go piecemeal on it, so you understand each standard thoroughly, and are able to build a mind map of the standards. My $0.02, for what it is worth. CP

I find that by going out hard one night a week really helps the batteries recharge. When I’ve sat at home studying Saturday nights, thats when I feel the burnout starting.

Just finished my first reading Starting all over again is very depressing Trying to find the strength and will power to organize a proper revision. Any suggestions

Take a 120 Q full length test patterned after the exam. evaluate your performance based on that. then use the revision to hit those potentially weak areas. rather than revising without a plan, and going thro’ page after page of material you have already read, it might make sense to concentrate your efforts on areas where you find out you are weak. Since you have already done one reading – you will now start to assimilate the material differently – understanding the relationships, and this question bank reinforced reading definitely helps then. CP

I took two 3 week breaks while stuying for the Dec07 exam so I didn’t burn out. So set a study goal and take a break to reward yourself. And by a break I mean completely take your mind off this stuff. You’ll come back stronger, hungrier, and harder.

wow you lucky ducks i have no room for breaks…even if i did i would still keep cramming old stuff i would be too scared to even skip 1 week

Now I’m burning out. All this studying really put me in a downer mood this week…

I am starting to feel it as well…I am looking forward to my break after taking this thing… Best, TheChad

Your comments are goog to motivate myself since I’m just starting my study

I started studying back in september (yes i know that was a while back). I’ve read all the books at least once so far (schweser) and i’ve gone through quant and econ a 2nd time around while making notes on poster paper so i could hang on my wall (plan on doing it for all material). I’ve never felt burned out like this in my life. I don’t plan on taking a break until june 8th so hopefully i could survive till then. I also bought the schweser videos which i personally think are very useful for retention. Whenever i feel burnt out from reading i just make myself a bowl of popcorn and pop in a video CD and just relax…lol (yes i’m a big loser).

Just study for like 3 or 4 daysof the week, and play for the rest. I usually leave Fri and Sat to chillax.

I had my break back in December. I picked everything back up in January and I don’t think I’ll be dropping any of my books until after the exam. I’m so looking forward to the second week of June.

Just completed SS9 and thank god I am out of it atleast for the time being. I still feel that I do not remember the concepts properly for Liabilities section - DTL, DTA etc. Also Sales Type Lease & Operating leases has got me all confused. But planning to review later. Nothing is going to get into my mind now. Burnt out with FSA now.

amitahuja I too had a similar experience with the sections you are mentioning above. I would suggest doing questions in those areas, and review when you get something wrong, so you are building on the concepts. CP