Burnout anyone??

How is everyone dealing with burnout this late in the process? I have completed two mocks, done OK, and memorized the hell out of the notes. But right now, I can barely add 2+2 my mind has stopped cooperating. Took yesterday evening off, felt guilty about it but didn’t feel like I had a choice.

I really want to ‘sprint to the finish line’ but have real trouble concentrating now anyone else feel this way?

I think everyone’s brain needs a break from time to time. Can’t fully absorb the material otherwise and it will result in silly mistakes on the actual exam. I try to hit the material hard 2-3 days in a row and then take a mental break during a weeknight (maybe only 1 hour of review that night).

everytime i sit down to try to grind out some q-bank, i end up spending an hour plus surfing the internet. It’s almost like my mind refuses to look at the material anymore, lol.

yup… reached burnout. the material makes me nauseous as does the mock exams. Instead of doing practice questions, I just spent an hour trying to chase a fly out of my room. It’s still in here. I’m just going to leave and take a walk, and see if it gets bored and croaks.

I think I will feel burnout the 2 months before the results come out

Imagine burnt out every year like this for 4 times, that’s me!!! I told myself to stay away from laptops however yesterday I turned on my computer to check the notes but then end up watching xtube for 2 hours, feel so shameful for myself!!!