Burnout Hangover

Is anyone else still burned out from the level I in December? I’m not sure this is the type of thing you want to tackle with any kind of burnout hangover. At the same time, it seems WAY more efficient to go ahead and take level II now. Waiting a year isn’t particularly appealing…

I’m in exactly the same boat. I just don’t feel a sense of urgency yet. If anybody has a success story about how they made a successful transition from getting the L1 results and forging ahead into the L2 study material, I’d love to hear it. I think I just need to stay at work after hours and on weekends to avoid the friendly distractions of home.

This isn’t what your looking for, but hopefully you will learn from my mistakes. I passed level I a year ago, leaving only a few months for level 2. I studies very hard, felt confident, but didn’t pass. Looking back, I didn’t feel quite the pressure that I did for level I. So my advice: Get over your victory from level I, and put the pressure on for level II. You can celebrate after passing level 3.

i’m in the same boat as the two posters. thanks lxada269, i know that i will personally take that advice

good advice lxada269. Thanks