Feeling burned out, drained and exhausted. Having a hard time recalling stuff. Am I the only one? Haven’t been able to be in the company of loved ones, nor much time to take care of health as much; this program def takes its toll in so many way. Just hope it’s worth it. How’s everyone faring? Any tips to cope better? Thanks.

Feeling exactly the same.

Its amazing on how quickly i forget things (especially when doing some AM questions)- this is despite studying that reading, doing questions/BBs etc…but then i look at that blank sheet of paper with a question that i know i have done before but it kinda escapes my mind…and somehow my output is more like 50% for a reading where i should have received much more than 50%.

Its not even conceptual a good number of times, you know the concepts, but trying to explain in concise manner, tend to miss some key points for sure.

Who said L3 is easy…??? may be the curriculum is less to cover, but the rest, i dont know…

anyway keep ploughing i guess

I feel like L3 has more in common with L1 with loads of definitions and theories.

L2 feels more about calculations.

Take a day or two off and relax. Still over a month left. It’s amazing what can be learned in that amount of time

Taking a day or two off most definitely helps… a lot!

Do you guys plan to take a few days/weeks off before the exam?

I remember recovery duration of 1 month after L3 exam. I was totally drained off.

Yes taking a few days off it’s the best thing. At the moment I feel like cfa2014: I quickly forget things as soon as I spend a few days with different topics.

I also think that L3 has much more material than L2 and the exam should also be harder. I was prepared on the exam side, but not in the amount of material and how much stuff has to be memorized (less calculation than L2).