I’ll post the first one. It’s hitting me. No excuse really, I’ve had too much on my plate and the CFA Exam has not taken the priority it deserves. Tonight I’m having trouble sleeping. I’m on my first run through of the material and got about halfway through SS12. Needless to say it felt like getting f’d in the a with a chainsaw. I feel I will need to pull out the CFA Curriculum volume since Stalla is far too broad and narrow on this section. Even going through the material is coming along rough. While the Stalla readings are rather easy to comprehend, I’m not very pleased with the end of chapter concept checkers. The Stalla class on Wednesday really woke me up, I’m behind, no denying it. While my situation is a bit different than most members since I’m unemployed in 10 days, 6 weeks is just not that much time to effectively study. It is unreasonable to think one can put in 10 hours a day every day for 45 days. Even if they do, how much retention and comprehension is had? While I hate wasting money, I may need to pony up the cash for a crash course. Maybe if I’m pulled through the rough patches, I’ll get it just enough to not fvck it up on exam day. I don’t expect pity, I just totally thought Level 2 was Level 1 plus some. With the exam about 8 weeks out, I’m going to be busy constantly. No more excuses, no more going out, and no more slacking. Time for me to get serious and understand this stuff.

Not sure what kind of answer you’re expecting… I can tell you though, I did almost all of my studying for L1 in the 10 weeks before the exam (was unemployed then). So if you’re at SS12 now, I think you have a good chance of pulling it off.

L2 is much much much harder than L1, it is not a valid comparison!

You are right. All I’m trying to say is, you can get a lot of work done with 6 weeks of full time studying - and I think your chances of succeeding aren’t that bad.

Don’t stress. You’ve got loads of time. If you are going to be studying solidly for 6 weeks with no work distractions then I’d say you are actually more at risk of having too much time on your hands than too little. You could go stale by exam day. Make sure you get out every day in that period. Keep fit. Do some reading other than the study materials etc. Seriously, 90% of candiates won’t even do half as much study in the last 6 weeks as you will. Time is your fiend here not your enemy.

Ditch, The Stalla really openned my eyes in that even though I knew the material I couldn’t do the problems. Like I had to sit back for a few minutes and review the information in my mind before I can even start working on the answers. Which tells me that I need much more pratice doing problems - I think you should focus on that too. Unless you don’t know the materials in which I suggest you go back and review.

Thanks guys. Deep down I’d feel like the biggest db to fail this exam with 6 weeks away from work.

Honestly speaking ditch, you have been working hard, trying to squeeze all exams in shortest possible time. Even thinking about this path requires extraordinary efforts. I saw your efforts in L1, have reasonable trust that you won’t let it easily go away. In fact, you are one of few who drives others. So, just hang in , don’t loose focus. You have ample time to crush this. sixty days X 10 hours per day …i dont think many people can do it because of either time constraint or lack of commitment. I presume that you have both. Frankly speaking, not many people cumulatively put it 600 hrs of study. You can…

hey ditch. know what. i am on SS12 and plus i will be working till june. so no breaks for me. plus i plan to go to singapore to take my exams since no exams in india this year :(. so i too have a tough time like you but i have my hopes alive and i am not giving up come what may. so go for it mate. and also, everytime i sit and take up the books i say to myself that all this i am reading is first for knowledge and then for the exam. so it keeps me put on my books :smiley: winners never quit and quitters never win.

aquabu Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > winners never quit and quitters never win. My new catch phrase. I still feel like I’m screwed. I have one pass done and now need to start abusing the Qbank and end of chapter questions. I’m not working at this time so 8 hours a day will be the standard. Let’s hope I get lucky on 70% of the 360 (120 Q @ 3 MC) choices on 6/6. 40 days!

Out of work. Have six weeks. Hoping for the best. I also have a ton of reading still to do. But, if I can finish the reading in a month, I hope that the two remaining weeks will be enough time to relearn everything. Time will tell. BJ

ditch having watched your progress throughout lvl 1 in dec and having passed alongside you - i know how much work you put in. the important thing this time is using the time you have left effectively. having 5 weeks with 8hrs a day approx is ample time to nail this thing. its crucial thing is that you remember what you did right for the 2nd time you sat lvl 1 vs the 1st time. Im sure you will agree you studied more effectively and didnt waste as much time. keep your chin up and when you get to a few weeks out - make sure you start nailing those practice questions! good luck

Ditch we were in the same boat for level 1 brotha. I feel your pain right now, which is why I have been in the office since 5:30 this morning!! Keep going and lets smash this thing!!!

We can nail this dude…it’s like Dec 08 but a bit harder is all. :slight_smile: Keep at it…no stop, full go!

That feeling definitely resonates. For me, I reached that point 2 weeks ago. I decided to take a week off, and I feel it worked well. I was able to re-focus on the big picture, discard my old strategy for the exam (which I was wayy behind on anyways), and recalibrate. It may not work for everyone, but there is definitely a negative tipping point along this course of study.