Anyone else burnt out about now?

Nawwwwwwwwww we all like this stuff, nothing better to do anyway.

I smoked too much weeeed this weekend, so yeah I was burnt :wink:

The goofy thing with me is I actually get stronger the more I go at this during a day. If I start in the morning say 9AM, it’s about noon before I’m really getting going. After dinner I rock and roll and can go until 2AM when I force myself to go to bed to get some sleep. I imagine there’s probably a strong correlation between that and the rest of the family being upstairs asleep though.

Big Babbu, I’m on the same pattern exactly and I have noticed a similar correlation to the family being asleep. Not to mention no calls or emails from work interrupting as happens unfortunately during the day.

I am in the same boat. From tomorrow, I am trying to wake up early. It will be very hard to get up early on the exam day. The body has to get used to it. How you guys do it ? Study at night and then wake up early on exam day ?

I will probably save that massive early wake up shock for exam day. I probably won’t get a good nights sleep that day anyway no matter how hard I try and will be so full of adrenelin rush that will wake up and won’t feel too bad as long as I get my coffee. I’m trying to get enough sleep on other days.

I won’t study Friday night. If ya don’t know it by then… I’ll go to bed around 9PM but won’t fall asleep until 10 or 11. I have an hour drive to the exam center to boot.

At this point I am so burnt out that I am forcing myself to study. These last few days might be the saving grace.

Friday, I will just review lightly

What is lightly ? 10 hours instead of 20 ?

I dont do 10 hours unless you call this forum review :slight_smile: My max on a weekend is normally 5 hours or so, I have the next 3 days off though so we’ll see how much reviewing I get done. 2007 Exam here I come tomorrow. Plus STalla #3 tomorrow. Then maybe review hardcore on Thursday and then review IPS stuff again on friday…

Good plan

ive done over 200 hours since may 1st. i am totally effed up. i had to stop today because my arm was shaking and i couldnt write any more. pass or die trying.