Bush is in Calgary right now

I can see a congregation of people from my window. I’m going to go grab some eggs and shoes. Wish me luck.

Nice work - I may book that same hall for my wedding - if they can get the Texas-stink out of it by then. I hope to God you’re not gonna go watch the “shoe-cannon” they’ve put up in Olympic Plaza - seriously, friggin’ lefty nuts have nothing better to do than to act like clowns instead of rationally, and then bitch when they aren’t listened to. But if you are gonna use a shoe, I’ll give you one of mine as well.

That’s a cool feature - I actually typed the word “b!tch” (spelled properly) and AF converted it to a cartoon swear &$*#@ Ain’t technology grand?

I gave him a jumping high five.

I got pictures. Some of the lefties are nuts! I got a communist pamphlet. There were some pro-Bush protesters too. All in all, it was a good turnout for both sides

I wonder how many more protestors would be there if this was in TO, MTL or VAN? All in all, Bush made a lot of mistakes, but he isn’t the evil Satan many make him out be…nor is Obama the Messiah. DISCLOSURE I supported both of them in 04 and 08 respectively

Anyone know where he went for lunch?

telus convention centre

Don’t know if you guys saw this… http://www.calgaryherald.com/Bush+jovial+friendly+Calgary+eatery+prior+today+speech/1397533/story.html Politics aside, would any of you honestly turn up a chance to go see this if your company footed the bill as a “perk”… When I was in Ottawa a few weeks ago for the weekend visiting family, it was when Obama was in town…we went to Parliament Hill to see if we could get a glimpse, we were really surprised when he came out of the limo to wave to the crowd…we were probably 300M or so away from him, could definetly tell it was him though, really cool!

What’d he eat? Pretzels ‘n’ varmints ‘n’ grits?

L3 Buckaroo Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What’d he eat? Pretzels ‘n’ varmints ‘n’ grits? Bush was soooo hammered when he choked on that…did you ever see the video of him drunk at a wedding during 2000 election campiagn on YouTube…hilarous! Just search “Bush drunk”

CFA_Halifax Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Politics aside, would any of you honestly turn up > a chance to go see this if your company footed the > bill as a “perk”… I’m not a fan, but of course I would go. I think a few people from my office managed to score tickets.