business analyst - credit risk at big 5 in Toronto

My friend just got an offer from one of the big 5 Canadian banks in Toronto. The BA is under IT support and operation department, involving a little bit of everything, e.g. lots of banking & operation knowledge, SAS and SQL programming, data process & analysis, statistical method, counter-party default probability etc…He is a new graduate, phd in engineering without any real financial experience. What is the base+bonus expectation for him? what is the career path for this kind of jobs? Thanks.

Usually BA is 40-50 starting for an undergrad at the banks. But if he has a Phd then it HAS to be more then that…

thanks. the job poster said that “undergraduate degree is required; graduate degree is preferred.”

Seems like a waste…a PhD in engineering cant find something else to do…such as…I don’t know…maybe…engineering!!