business analyst

What is the eligibility for business analyst?

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in business administration, finance, accounting or a closely related field may qualify for work as business analysts.

What is the job function of business analyst?

Business analyst analyze businesses using their degree and skills.

unclear on functional role and remuneration for business analyst service (denominate in Rs. please)? please kindly provide guidance on how to obtain reputable credentialing. tank

Not interested in business analyst job, but if you’re looking for an analist, I’m your guy.

What?!? What business do you want to analyze? Why? That sounds threatening but it’s not as bad as being examined. ooh! Or even Audited.

Business analyst improves the offering product of the firm you work for. It’s not explicitly a financial analyst geared role.

Business Analyst roles are usually heavily focused on IT with being able to improve operational processes

I agree with this.