Business Card logo question

If I have on the card:

John Doe CFA

Is that an ethics violation - does there have to be a comma after my last name?

I think it is a violation. It looks like your last name is CFA.

Well the argument against that would be the “CFA” is in all caps.

Well the argument against that would be the “CFA” is in all caps.

absolutely, you have the charter and I m just a level II candidate. But I have aways seen Joe Doe, CFA and never

Joe Doe CFA. Maybe some other other charter holder would know.

Yeah just because I’m a charterholder doesn’t mean I know much. Just means I did my time and got out.

I don’t believe CFAI requires you to use the comma, but you could always call and ask them. It does look strange without it. I’m assuming the omission of the comma is a company policy thing?

I’ve seen business cards without the comma. It was weird looking

It’s just strange that we no one knows if it is an actual violation. Does anyone know for sure? Forget weird looking or not.

I dunno, maybe John Doe just feels married to the CFA people.

The Standards handbook does not discuss the use of a comma or not and none of the examples show it without a comma right or wrong. Only way to know for sure is to call or email CFAI.

Seems to me like the comma issue is more of a formatting thing than it is standards. It looks funny because it’s improper to omit the comma and that’s all there is to it, but then again I’ve only looked over the Schweser notes so maybe its a bigger deal than I realize.