Business financing consultant interview...

I know that every week, we get at least one post like this. Turns out this week, it’s my turn. I’m interviewing next week for a position as a consultant in business financing. I’m wondering which sections I should review in the curriculum to be ready. I guess there will probably be a few questions on how to determine the optimal capital structure and the use of leverage. Apart from those obvious subjects, should I review any other specific sections beforehand? Thanks for your help guys… J.

Hard to say, but probably corporate finance is the most directly relevant. After that, FSA, and after that, maybe equity. But it could also have a lot of other stuff that isn’t in the curriculum, like corporate strategy and specific market trends.

Thanks BChadwick, i’ll browse through the FSA and Equity books to see if there are any subjects that could pop during the interview. I forgot to mention that the firm deals in what they call atypical financing solutions: “develops and delivers atypical and non-traditional financial architectures by using financials products such as government assistance to enterprises, micro capitalization, specialized debt and commodity trading, which are accessible and suitable for the SME.” Do you think I’ll be expected to answer a few questions on those instruments? If so, I’ll allocate a bit more time to my preparation than planned. J.