Business school at U of Kansas

Maybe one of the best in the country? I don’t know if they are better than Missouri though…

Didn’t get to see the actual game. It sure did look impressive.

I’m an OU fan: 1. I’m a a bit peturbed they jumped ahead of us in the BCS 2. I’m a bit anxious about having to play them for conference championship However, I do hear their business school is pretty good. (I’m a Tulsa Universtiy MBA student, but considered their program)

Don’t worry about the as an OU fan… odds are you’ll see them face to face and it won’t matter after that. I’m really not sure what I’d think of a possible Kansas NC game… It would be a crime if they didn’t pass a 1-loss LSU or Oregon though… Top 10 is very strange this year. I don’t think there is one team that is a lock to beat any other team up there… Darren McFadden for Hiesman! (now I’m out…)

Even if Kansas wins out, (and that is a firm if with 8-1 Missouri and a potential Big 12 Champ game v. OU)… they will still finish up in the BCS behind 1-loss LSU and or Oregon. when your schedule includes: C Michigan SE Louisiana Toledo Fla Int’l Baylor Iowa St well, that will not be enough to push you past a team that had a one score loss against a Kentucky or Cal

I think UGA or UF beats LSU in the SEC Championship (I don’t think UT can beat them though). If Kansas can beat OU and Missouri, I think that’s enough to jump Oregon.

Right now Oregon’s BCS ave is.9180 and Kansas is at .8431. I haven’t the slightest idea if that is a hair or a light-year but I don’t have them even close right now. Kansas gets a bump for being undefeated and stomping an uber-bad Neb team but I don’t see anyone putting them ahead of a team with wins over Mich, USC and Az St. or a 1 loss sec team with wins over VT, SC, AUB, and ALA. If you say that when Kansas wins out it will be enough to move them up over Ore, I won’t argue that. Keep in mind to get to that point you have them beating Missouri and OU back to back and right now they have one win over a ranked team and that was a 30-24 win over Kansas St (who is now 5-4 and out of the top 25). yikes I guess I am saying: I don’t have Kansas winning out and even if they do I won’t put them ahead of a 1 loss team SEC or Pac-10 team with 4 big time wins.

Right, but what I’m talking about where they’ll be if they do win out… 1) I don’t see there being any 1-loss SEC teams. 2) I think that in the event that they’d win out, they could jump a 1-loss team. Beating Missouri and OU would do a lot for them in both the human and computer polls… Not that I think they will (no real opinion on that), but if they do I think the voters will reward them for it.

Fair enough. It could happen. While we are on the subject of CFB… 1.) How bout the BCS has USC @ #17 behind Hawaii, Connecticut and Michigan? 2.) How much fun would the chaos be if Mich could dig in deep and beat Ohio St. on Nov 17 in the big house? What would it say if they were Big 10 Conf. champs after losing to App St? (BTW after beating Mich, App St. is 3-2 in the Southern Conf.)

  1. Well, you know what they say, when you have seven ridiculously talanted RB’s, two good QB’s and aboput seven high end WR’s, you don’t have one… 2) I think UM beats them this year. If so, do you think Big (11) Brother will rig it so Oregon plays in the NC game so that UM won’t have to get embarassed again?

If KU goes undefeated and beats OU I say give them a shot. No one gave UF that much of a chance and look what happened. I still think Ohio State is overrated. If Mich beats them, everyone in the big ten should just stick their head in the ground.