Business School Impact

“The schools likely to be hardest hit are those known for their strong finance offerings, where large investment firms like Lehman and Merrill have tended to recruit heavily. Mark Zupan, dean of University of Rochester’s Simon Graduate School of Business, said he believes that the top five business schools, which are key feeders for top financial firms, will be the most impacted by the turmoil. “It’s going to be a tough market for Wall Street-related jobs,” Zupan said.” Who are those five? Full article:

Well for Finance and Eco you’ve gotta talk about: U Chicago Wharton Stanford Carnegie Mellon and may-be NYU or Coloumbia Willy

Most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard… Yeah, I’m sure less people will want to go to Harvard because Merrill & Lehman no longer exist. Give me a f’ing break.

Economist Top 5: Chicago GSB Stanford IESE Dartmouth (Tuck) IMD

Stupid article with silly conclusions

all the b-schools benefit from this turmoil, especially the top ones. Applications will go UP (a lot), due to reduced opportunity costs (and layoffs). Merrill and Lehman are not gone, Barclay’s is keeping 10,000 jobs and ML will be substantially the same.

Carnegie Mellon? Dartmouth? Who is making these lists??

Try: Harvard; Columbia; Wharton; etc…

I would guess the BS would get more applicants with all the layoffs.

I agree with thepinkman. I think next year may be the toughest year ever to get into top 5 b-schools. Speaking of rankings, here’s a Business Week ranking.

What about MFE programs. Are the quants out of favor now?

needhelp Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What about MFE programs. Are the quants out of > favor now? Hard to say. In my personal opinion it’s better to have both MFE and MBA.