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Not sure how to talk trash on here, but I will say one thing, if Tebow wants to keep his QB job and not get moved to FB, he really needs to learn how to get the ball out of there. Some of those sacks were just painful to watch.

I was pretty much blacked out at the hotel viewing party in Jacksonville, but I remember our secondary was what killed us. Its been terrible all season. We need Reggie Nelson back.

I was at the game and it was difficult to watch. How did we let GA score 42 ponts? Maybe I should have expected it…we did let Troy score 30! I know our D looked good in the national championship game, but I think we could get a better DC than charlie strong.

Yeah, safeties were biting on every playaction… I don’t think you’re gonna do much better than Charlie Strong. The reality is that good OC’s & DC’s are very rarely looking for another coordinators job and usually have their eyes on the NFL or an HC job. Picking a good OC or DC, IMHO, is like picking a stock. You have to bring them in early and develop them as a position coach and make them earn the job. After every Georgia loss, ~45% of fans want to fire Willie Martinez, but fall in love with him again after wins. Limiting Florida to 23 isn’t easy, but based on message board chatter you’d think we shut you guys out and scored a couple of Defensive TD’s…

The interior Offensive Line and Defensive Line killed you. The former exposed Tebow as far from a quick decision maker and the latter exposed the secondary. The Gates survived last season because the Defense bailed them out a ton but their too young this year. In a year or two they should be scary good though.