Business Schools Admissions and Volunteer Teaching

I’ve read over and over that the top business schools like to see “leadership” in a prospective enrollee’s application.

Not being able to get into a leadership roll in the near-term, I am able to volunteer teach introduction to business at a local non-profit. Would this show some “leadership” skills?

I myself think, albeit not operational leadership, it does show you can lead a group. But what do business schools think?

also, what do you think they’d think of the typo in my subject title?



Yes, this sort of thing is money. Get involved with volunteering in a meaningful role, take on some leadership responsiblities while you’re there. These will provide good essay material.

The most important thing you can do is something you’re passionate about. This will show through in your essays and interviews. I can always tell when I’m interviewing potential applicants whether they’re doing something out of passion or if it’s just a “check the box” thing. If this type of volunteer work tickles your fancy, then go for it. Leadership titles are less relevant than what you do in order to effectuate change.

how do you quantify this stuff? does an exeptional “volunteer” role add 10-20 points to your gmat?

There’s no magic formula. Candidates are reviewed based on the totality of their applications.

I think a flaw in the mindset of many financial analysts is the obsessive need to quantify everything and insist that it is countable. A great saying is that not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted. I think this major flaw of thinking has lead to many bad investment decisions and asset bubbles, as well as a general over reliance on models. It also causes a lot of applicants to pursue high GMAT scores obsessively and in my mind wrongly.

“But if I’m just doing what the equation tells me to do, you can’t fire me for making bad decisions.”

“That’s very true, so I’m firing you for being useless.”

Numi, I think you are forgetting the tier of the undergrad degree the applicant has, the tier of their respective recommendations, and the tier of their previous emplyoment. You have made it clear to us in all of your previous posts that this is what matters, so I don’t know what you are talking about here.

Black Swan – good points. I agree.

Blake – that stuff does matter, but those aren’t the only things. But yeah, in the totality of the application, quality of work experience, school and essays do matter most for most candidates.

I believe it was Einstein who is credited with BS’s quote about countables.