But I am sure they are really in love

Clearly money had no role in this story


To increase his odds of reaching his goal, he should try polygamy.

I doubt that a 94-year-old guy who has been married 5 times believes in true love. He probably just wants reasonable companionship until he dies and to bang a woman several decades younger than him. The part about having 5-6 kids is probably a joke.

But, on the topic of irresponsible fatherhood:


I’d say this is a clear bankruptcy candidate.

She’s younger than him, but she doesn’t exactly look like she’s in her childbearing years…

Ever read the Rockefeller biography Titan? After he got over the death of his first wife when he was in his like 80s and 90s he was foolin’ around with all kinds of younger women. One story was that he used to regularly drive around with two women in the backseat of his car with him in the middle. They all had a blanket over his legs and he was a bit much with his hands.

it would be a shame to be a billionaire and not get hot classy babes…you go boy…