Buy BOOK 1 - CFA level 2


I lost my CFA level 2 - book 1 (2015). I passed level 2 but I would like to have all the books. Please if someone is interested in selling it, let me know.


Talk about OCD!!

sorry…what do you mean?–compulsive_disorder

amazing what some people will spend money on

Well, some of the concepts in that book are useful for my job… so if this is not a big problem for you I would spend 10/20 $ for the book!

You don’t have the internet at work?

no we still use pigeons here in italy and it’s quite slow to get an information when you need it…

Try to only use pigeons who are CFA Charterholders…it may speed things up.

So much hate… lol Hope you’ll find someone selling it!

Haha, thanks for clarifying. So you’re saying you’re in southern Italy? KIDDING. Good luck in your quest.

ok… you convinced me!