buy real estate share, PE investment

buying listed real estate share, is it a indirect real estate investment?

buying infratructure fund, CREF fund is it a indirect real estate investment?

for PE investment, is it greater than five years lockup or less than five years on avergae?

In PE you dont have a lock up like you do with hedge funds. In PE you can’t redeem your position, you have to wait for the GP to distribute it back to you. There is no lock up per se but the average life expectancy of a PE fund is between 7 and10 years.

And for the RE question. Yes buying shares of a Real estate fund is an indirect way of investing in this asset class

. If not, what could be considered as indirect?

I checked the textbook, buy real estate share is direct RE investment. buying the fund also direct investment, only reits is the indirectly investment.

I encounter a mock exam question it says ventral capital investment requires seven years lock up period. the answer say it is correct.

What do you mean by real estate shares?

Here is what CFAI says:

Indirect investment includes investing in: -companies engaged in real estate ownership, development, or management, such as homebuilders and real estate operating companies -real estate investment trusts (REITs), which are publicly traded equities representing pools of money invested in real estate properties and/or real estate debt; - commingled real estate funds (CREFs), which are professionally managed vehicles for substantial commingled (i.e., pooled) investment in real estate properties; - separately managed accounts, which are often offered by the same real estate advisors sponsoring CREFs; - infrastructure funds

I didn’t say I invest homebuilder(which is indirect) as a ventral capitalist, I say I buy the stock of this homebuilder, say 2 doolars per share, which is direct RE

Even if you buy the share of this homebuilder it is indirect. Cf my previous post.

Unless you buy a property or some land it is INDIRECT. Shares = indirect

direct = CONTROL