Buy Schweser Notes again?

Hey guys, to all those that are re-taking level II, and used Schweser notes the first time round…any of you guys looking to buy Schweser notes again? I know the syllabus does change and am thinking the end of chapter questions will be different but surely its got to be the same stuff… so whos done what?

I am on the same boat… so would like to know what others think… highly probable that I finish buying them again…

I plan to use the '09 CFAI books coupled with the Schweser books from last year. My new books arrived today so this weekend I plan to reconcile what changed from last year. From what I’ve heard the changes aren’t too great. If I decide the changes are material I’ll suck it up and buy the Schweser books. I hope that’s not the case.

the only thing is that I think a new q-bank is a must, especially this year b/c the answers are going down to 3 choices not 4. i’m sure q-bank will adjust for that in the new version. so to buy q-bank alone is what, like $250 or something? to buy the basic schweser package is like $500 or $600 yes? I haven’t done it yet but will call for the repeat offender discount- so maybe the whole package w/ books/qbank like $400 i’m guessing or something similar. that’s probably the road I’ll go. just the basic schweser package, try to call for the discount. if tight on $$ though, it really doesn’t look like tons of stuff changed year over year. for most stuff maybe aside from AI, seems like you’d hit most of the stuff in the books. the new q-bank is why i will be buying new stuff eventually. for now, i’m just slowly fumbling through the big texts. this time around, will try to utilize them more, although I think schweser did a very good job.

bannisja, I’ve called them and asked what their policy is on discounts if you fail but you previously bought a basic, Essential package. If you re-purchase an Essential package, you get no discount. If you buy up and get a Premium or Premium Plus, then you get a discount of 30% (the total amount of the discounted Premium package is still greater than the Essential package with no discount). B!tches.

that is not cool at all. so $699 then (30% disc) gets you either the live class/video cd’s, or $599 full px gets you basic? or just $299 for the q-bank solo and use 08 books. i now find the original post here more interesting. if it’s you not a company paying, that is a decent sized difference ($300). i can buy a lot of natties with $300. man this test is not cheap! i can see why people motivate to actually pass the thing the first time around. :slight_smile: in the end for me, $300 difference isn’t going to break the bank if I do have to pay (might not, co. has been kind thus far) so i’ll prob make the call in oct or nov once q-bank is out. will see how i’m progressing with the CFAI books. i’m 2/3’rds through quant and not wanting to rip my hair out yet. but i’m going very slowly also. schweser can eat it for no discount on the basic. that is dir-tay.

Repeater here and I bought Schweser Essential last year. As there is not a discount for reordering the Essential, it is again $599. Stand Alone Prices: Q-Bank = $299 Practice Exam Vol 1 =$150 Practice Exam Vol 2 =$150 As I learned in failing in June the more questions the better for me. I might as well buy the Essential again this year and in the process get the Notes and Quicksheet essentially free.

I thought it was 50% for premium package? Also, what is everyone’s take on taking a live course? worth it?

bannisja Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ). i can buy a lot of natties > with $300. man this test is not cheap! let me know when I can take you out for a boston natty and calamari date, bannisja.

did they change the policy? Last year when I took Level I, I ordered the premium with 50% discount since I used Schweser Notes in 2007. Not only that, I still received discount on other products and seminars. Since there are many new LOS and reading from last yr to this yr, I think I have to use the new version of Schweser notes.

I’m gonna get the new notes as I this is the 3rd time around with this badboy.

I used the q-bank last time and I was very disappointed with the quality of the review. I’m doing Stalla this time because I don’t want to waste any more money.

“let me know when I can take you out for a boston natty and calamari date, bannisja.” I think I just threw up in my mouth, natty and calamari, yuck. hell Natties and anything is gross.

Some awesome AF’er posted a spreadsheet comparing the 2008 vs 2009 readings… not too many differences. I have a second-hand copy of the 2008 readings which along with a QBank subscription should do me fine. From what I hear the practice exams only give you detailed question explanations online, pretty much making previous years material sorta worthless.

Thanks jt222. very useful.